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OZY Prayer Warriors, please include in your prayers these individuals who are facing serious challenges in their lives with health, finance and family trials. We love them, so with every humble petition, we ask you, Our Blessed Mother, the Angels and Saints and anyone who will pray for them, to pray often an intercessory prayer.

We desire their health to return, their grief to lesson, their finances to come to order, and their families to reunite.


Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.    -Philippians 4:6

Therefore, confess you sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working. -James 5:16 

54 Day Rosary Novena  In times of crisis this is the novena we turn to. It is very milagrosa.

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Belle - im seeking for financial assistant pls. include my petition in your prayer...

Frank V. - Elderly man hospitalized with infection to his faith. Testing. Pray that his kidneys and all of his vital organs are in good working order. Please pray for Margarita his wife, too.

Michael B.- Rest in peace. Please pray for surviving family members.

Jose V.- Recovering from tumor in brain surgery. Had internal bleeding, doing better now, but continues to have low energy.

Carla F.- Testing. Please pray that testing and doctors find the culprit and that it not be serious.

Irene Z.- Deteriorating back disc.

Philippe C.- Chronic Progressive Multiple Sclerosis.

Ed - Just diagnosed with Esophageal Cancer. Please pray for him and his wife, Penny. 

Grace S.- Schizophrenia and Bipolar disease.


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Estrella - Young, newly married daughter in last stages of Cancer. Praying for miracle for NOTHING is impossible with Christ.

Lauren J.- Thanksgiving prayer, 30 yr old daughter, Thyroid Cancer surgery went well. God is great! Continued prayer so cancer never, ever returns.

Yolanda G.- Hospitalized. Please pray that testing and doctors find the culprit and that it not be serious.

Lauren J. - Undergoing Thyroid Cancer surgery.

Yolanda G.- Dementia

Grace M. - Hospitalized again, 3rd time this month. Testing, please pray for best results.

Twins Marco D.- One of the triplets did not survive (rest in peace), born 2 month premature. Remain in hospital. Please pray for young family.

Lucy M.- Seeking good results from back pain testing.

Roland D.- Shoulder surgery.

Ron O.- Died suddenly, rest in peace. Many prayers needed for him and family.

Ernestina F.- Speedy recovery from knee surgery and prayers in her endeavors to open a preschool named Herencia Guadalupana para los Ninos.

Jeanette H.- Brain tumor, ICU, unresponsive since January, 54 years old with growing children.

Aaron T. - Child with NF1, discovered a brain tumor, non-fatal but may affect his vision.

Charlotte - Husband and father died of cancer, challenging her faith. 

Dominique - Recovering from brain surgery.

Michelle's father-in-law - Heart attack and blood pressure falling, family distraught.

Andrea - Husband died  unexpectedly. He left wife and children.

Elsa H. - Heart attack and Bell's Palsy.

April RDV.- Rest in peace.

Anis - Recovering from Scoliosis surgery.

Adam - 7 month old baby, diagnosed with Brain Cancer.

Lisa F.- Lung Cancer

Maribel - Needing Lung Transplant, difficulties breathing.

Al S.- Cancer

Stephen - 30 years young, diagnosed with terminal cancer. God is miraculous. Let us pray fiercely.

Lionela - Stephen's wife.

Ralph G.- Grandfather, scheduled to undergo surgery for cancer, tomorrow, 5/25/12. Update: Surgery a success, he's doing so well. All praises to our gracious God!

Asusena F. - Young lady, 20 yrs old, first diagnosed with having ovary problems, then with psychiatric problems and now her body is shutting down. Doctors are baffled. Please pray the find the culprit, now.

Dolores G.- Removed colon, septic. In rehab.

Iden V.- 2 yr old girl. Remission from Blastoma Cancer. 18 surgeries. Received last bone marrow transplant in May 2012. Please pray it never, ever returns. Pray for parents Celia and Andrew.

Vega Family - Sudden loss of Mom who is now reunited with her heavily family. Pray for us.

Carla F. - Testing to find cause of ailments.

Serena F. - Brain Tumor.

Mark S. - Blogged: Only daughter diagnosed with inoperable Cancer and another person having marital problems.

Michael B.- For 3 months now has been having painful bloating of stomach but refuses to see a doctor. Painful enough to slow his walk.

Jill M. - Sudden loss of husband. Jose, reunited with your heavenly family, pray for us.

Deacon Andy C. - Esophageal Cancer, tumors on the liver, inoperable. Chemo will be aggressive.

Virginia M.- Breast Cancer.

Michael M.- Mental issues.

Mary N. - Mental issues.

Carmen R.- Heart Attack & diabetes.

Tommy S.- Pancreatic Cancer.

Maricela N.- Breast Cancer.

Cor G.- Student visa approval, family and love,

Joe N.- 90 yrs old, bed ridden, testing,

Luis B.- Alzheimer's.

Helen G.- Heart and knee problems.

Elsa V.- Knee problems.

Joey G.- Back problems.

Rodger - Elderly man battling Cancer with little to no family support.

Dennis - Diagnosed with Bladder Cancer that has spread to his chest.

Eero V. - Faith, belief, plenty more power of prayer, with more Holy Ghost with me and gifts of grace.

Mari A.- Child, stage 4 Lupus, undergoing Chemo Therapy.

Carlos - 9 yr old boy with big family problems.

Carmen S.- Abdomen problems, diabetes and depression.

Garcia Family - Deepest condolences on loss of brother, father, uncle, and grandfather, Salomon Garcia. You will be sorely missed.

Lorraine V.- Healing loss, Fibromyalgia, heart problems, Kidney Stone.

Michael S. - Military

Josue O.- Military

Consuelo G.- Elderly mother not eating.

Michael G.- Trouble youth, in and out of jail.

Margaret G.- Drugs, mental health, in and out of jail.

Margaret V.- Abdomen pain, waiting for results of CT Scan.

Jimmy S.- 9 yr old boy broke his leg in 3 places, will undergo surgery.

Magda R.- Unknown reasons for chest and leg pain.

Grace M. - To meet her calling.

Phil C.- Waiting for soul mate, healing, less fear, and increase in faith.

Jerome P.- Good health, intestinal problems, knees, joints, finances, daughter in hospital.

Angela P.- Good health and faith.

Dezon P.- Faith.

Desmond P.- Faith.

Whitney G.- Fertility

Alicia F.- Testing for bone disease.

Alicia F.- 18 yr old girl having back surgery.

Jackie V.- Health problems, vomiting.

C.H.- Drug addiction.

Eric R.- 18 yr old killed in Fl.

Casey W.J.- Needs a heart. Has been waiting since he was 3 yrs old. Sister donating her kidney to him.

For those searching for a job.

M.A.- Diabetes, ill health, unable to adequately care for herself.

Salomon G.- Cancer growing.

Micaela M.- Cancer growing.

Lorraine V.- School and health.

Esperanza J.- Newborn baby passed away.

Marisol A.- Testing, suspect Lupus. Update: Diagnosed with Lupus.

Someone is on suicide watch.

Rico O.- "Is in the hospital with the left leg pretty shattered and femur in left leg broken. Will be in the hospital at least a month. We are grateful to God that He spared Rico's life. Please pray for emotional, spiritual and physical healing and also pray for mom and dad."

Richard L.- Chest pain for a few days. Pain is not near the heart.

M. Family - Have become a foster family for the first time.

Theresa P.- Blessings.

Mrs. M.- Cancer tumors in breast, shoulder, neck and lymph nodes. Elderly mom and grandma will undergo aggressive treatment.

Clarisa's Grandma - Elderly mom and grandma with Alzheimer's, hospitalized with virus.





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