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8mm .925 Sterling Silver beads, wood beads, .925 Sterling Silver: Miraculous Mary medal, Cross, Stigmata Hand, Security Chain on genuine leather cord.

Inspried by Our Lord's PASSION these rosary bracelets reflect His merciful love.

LEATHER: A reminder of the whips that gashed Christ's back when they scourged Him at the pillars

WOOD: A reminder of the tremendous cross Christ carried while onlookers jeered and heckled as He staggered toward His crucifixion

SILVER: A reminder of the sword that barbarously pierced His side

STIGMATA: A reminder that Jesus loved you so much that He allowed Himself to be nailed to the cross and die.

The PASSION Rosary Bracelet-Best Seller, Very Powerful, A Growing Tradition in Many Families!

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  • "..."have very much enjoyed my ozy bracelet lots of compliments""
    Deljean V.
  • ""bought 2 bracelets from you. I'm in love with them and a lot of ppl like it.""
    Tucson, AZ

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