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Posted by ozybracelets on November 12, 2011 at 3:10 AM

What if people prayed...turning from our old ways? Unborn children would see the light. - Casting Crowns

What IF people prayed fervently and consistently?

We don't need to convince you of the positive ramifications that would result. What we do need to do is discover when best to pray because

we just DON'T HAVE TIME!

Most people do want to pray, know the basics of prayer but lack the time to pray as we should, as encouraged by Our Blessed Mother, who

has come to this world, so many times, in the spirit of guidance, to show us how. We know we should but we don't. In this do-it-fast, do-it-

all lifestyle we have chosen for ourselves, we are left with little or no time at the end of the day to even consider praying THE ROSARY,

REALLY!? If we are coherent enough at the end of the day, we say our thank You(s) to Our Lord, plead to Our Blessed Mother for

intercessory prayer to care for our families, friends and the world before we find ourselves shaking out of the start of a dream just in time

to make the sign of the cross and hope we didn't startle ourselves out of a good night's sleep.


So when DO we pray a daily rosary under our current lifestyles?

The Answer: Pray PART OF IT in those moments when you are walking to work or school. Then pray another PART OF IT on one of your

work/school breaks and FINISH IT as you walk back to your car. Establish a routine, keep your rosary handy. Sometimes you can find idle

times in the day and you can quickly do ONE DECADE and finish sooner. The key is to keep the rosary in your immediate FOCUS.

What does that mean? WEAR IT! Not as a jewelry piece but as a powerful prayer tool. Wear it where you can see it so that you are

reminded to PRAY IT. Select a rosary bracelet that with its beauty, will lure you to gaze at it. Invest in it so that by sitting on your wrist

the sparkle will draw your eyes to it and soon turn your gaze into INSPIRATION.


Invest in a beautiful rosary bracelet of QUALITY, one that you will WANT to wear every day, one that is easy to slip or click on (lobster

and toggle clasps are nightmares especially when in a hurry because the darn clock is running too fast), one that has ALL the components of

the rosary (i.e., the Our Father, 3 Hail Mary and 10 Hail Mary beads to help you keep track) and most especially, one that has the

Miraculous Medal because Our Blessed Mother designed it herself and pleads that we wear it to receive added graces, something we most

certainly need more of in our lives and in the lives of our families. A website that carries rosary bracelets with all these components is OZY

Rosary Bracelets at The selection is vast with rosary bracelets for men, women, and teens. Another site is who carry themed rosary bracelets dedicated to Our Blessed Mother, Christ's Passion, Day of the Dead

(All Souls Day), and St. Valentine. The website has a fresh feel with links to all their selections. Every Rosary Bracelet, at both these sites,

either slips or clicks on and includes a Miraculous Medal, too

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