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Praying a Daily Rosary is Not a Catholic Duty but a Christian Privilege!

Praying a daily rosary is a Christian privilege that you earn through your love for Christ. The rosary is Not just for Catholics. The rosary focus' on the life of Christ through the Mysteries and Meditations found in the bible. The bible also acknowledges that Mary is the mother of Jesus Christ and that on the cross Christ declared, "Woman behold your son. Son behold your mother" (John 19:26-27) so for this reason she IS our mother and the Queen of Heaven and Earth. The rosary calls on our heavenly Mother, (Hail Mary) as we would call on our earthly mother, friends and family for prayer.

Really, who better to call on for intercessory prayer than the mother of Christ who can whisper in Christ's ear on our behalf!


The Hook 

As children, intrigued by the rosary, we prayed along with the adults, the Hail Mary's and Our Father's usually only at funerals. Back then, in all my 7 years of Catechism (1st - 7th grade) not one lesson was taught, at least to my recollection, on how to pray this meaningful prayer. Upon completion of the 7th grade, Father Maroney, our parish pastor, asked if I and a cousin could follow him to the office. He then asked us if we wanted to be teachers and the receptionist signed us up for the 3rd grade, First Holy Communion Sacramental class.

A couple of years later the non-Sacramental 4th grade class became my mission. The challenge was that many students wouldn't return after the 3rd grade, First Holy Communion, Sacramental class. Teaching the rosary became my hook to entice them to return. It worked!

As it turns out, many of the students were also intrigued by the rosary and took well to learning it. As a matter of fact, our Catechism Director's husband, not knowing who I was, said that the only thing he remembered about Catechism was praying the rosary out in the school courtyard.  I did remember him, though, and his twin brother, especially since his son resembled him as a child when we prayed the rosary out in the courtyard!!! God is great!


A New Take on a Timeless Tradition

Since then, I have used many types of rosaries, many I loved, some only created frustrations while others were lost - falling off my wrist or out of my pocket.

In this modern fast-paced life, the OZY Rosary Bracelets not only serves to remind us to pray a daily rosary, but with its design quenched, for us, what we were searching for in a rosary. It efficiently slips on for ease and frequency of use and prayer so that a decade at a time, by the end of the day, we complete the rosary. We no longer need to fumble with a spring or lobster clasp nor do we risk losing it, due to the bar slipping through the circle opening. We also no longer need to fumble through our purse looking for it only to discover we left it at home!


The Miraculous Medal 

OZY Rosary Bracelets are precious prayer tools which include the Miraculous Medal, designed by Our Blessed Mother, herself, that when blessed, offers us great graces for wearing it.


Rusty Rosary Skills? No Problem! 

We take pride in the craftsmanship and service we provide along with the education necessary to encourage praying a daily rosary.  FREE Rosary Instructions


Thank you! 

We know you have a choice when purchasing rosary bracelets, so we very much appreciate your continued patronage.

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